about us

Region-Free Titles is committed to finding you the very best prices on your favorite Region-Free Blu-Ray titles. Please note, several of the Region Classifications on the back cover of Blu-ray packaging are incorrect.

  • The feature film on 100% of our titles will play in North American Blu-ray and PS3 players.

  • 100% of the movies we sell are brand new, authentic releases, sealed in their original box and packaging.

  • Special Features on our titles may or may not be Region-Free.  

  • We guarantee that the main film on 100% of the Blu-ray discs that ship will be Region-Free. Any accessory DVDs enclosed with the movie may or may not be Region-Free.

  • For exact details on a compatibility of a title please select 'TECHNICAL DETAILS' for the Blu-ray you are interested in.
We're always here to help our customers. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us at info@regionfreetitles.com. We guarantee a reply within one business day, and most of the time we will reply within the same business day.