region-free movies 101

Why should I care about Region-Free Titles?

Let's start with the easy part: you should care because Region-Free Titles will save you a lot of money.

Fine. What are Region-Free movies then?

The Blu-ray Association, the organization responsible for distributing all the Blu-ray movies in the world, has split the world into three Blu-ray regions:

Region A/1: The Americas, South East Asia, Hong Kong
Region B/2: Africa, Western Europe, The Middle East, Australia
Region C/3: Asia excluding the Southeast, Eastern Europe


Yeah, none of this seems like it makes any sense to us either.  The Blu-ray Association split up the world this way so the movies will only play in the part of the world they are released in.  

This means you must buy the movie you want to from the Region you live in or it won't play in your player.

Which doesn't seem like a big deal until you realize that a lot of of the time Hollywood film studios charge Americans more for the same Blu-ray movies here at home than they do anywhere else in the world.

SInce the movies are printed to regions, however, this means that a Blu-ray movie you buy in Europe or Asia will not play. In America your Blu-ray player will normally only play movies that are Region A/1 - unless they are Region-Free.

I assume this means your movies are Region-Free and will play in my player?

Absolutely.  100% of the movies we sell will play in your American PS3, PS4, Blu-ray, and XBox One player. We guarantee the main film will play without any issues on your player.

How much cheaper are your Blu-ray movies?

Of course it changes from title to title, but don't be surprised if we are half the price of your favorite store. 

Are your movies fake or bootleg?

Absolutely not! All of our movies are authentic.  We buy through the same Hollywood film studios - the difference is that we buy movies for the other Regions and test them to make sure they will play in Region A/1 for The Americas.

Is the quality any worse? Will the actors be different or the audio in a different language?

No! You will see exactly the same movie, in exactly the same quality as you've come to expect from an authentic Blu-ray movie.  If anything, you will have more options for audio languages and subtitles since our movies are often the global, international, or rare version.

What's the catch? Is there a catch?

Well yes, there's always a catch.  On a small number movies, the special features will not play on some American Blu-ray players - the main film will play just fine. This is because special features are occasionally encoded in a video format called PAL, and not all Blu-ray players can play PAL . If you're concerned about the special features for a specific movie you're interested in, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions the best we can.

I don't live in the Americas. Will your movies play in my player?

Over 99% of our movies will play in any Blu-ray player, anywhere in the world. Go to the product page and click on the [details] tab for the specific movie you're interested in.  You can always contact us and we'll get you squared away. 


At RFT we pride ourselves on being the leader in testing and retailing Region-Free Titles.  We are continually researching and testing movies to make sure you can have the titles you love at a reasonable and fair price.