our customer service policies

Why are your movie prices so much lower than other sites?

Good question! Since we purchase authentic studio releases from other parts of the world, we are not required to follow minimum pricing requirements that US releases often have to follow.  You get the same original release movies without the artificial mark-up.  We also purchase in the thousands and run efficiently to make sure you're getting the best price possible.

What if there is a problem with my order? What if my order is damaged, defective, wrong, or lost?

We will fix this problem at no cost to you, and please accept our apologies in advance for the grief.

We will decide whether to refund you 100% or replace with an identical item. You may have to wait until we receive the item back before we send a replacement so we can verify that it is damaged. We will pay for all return shipping costs and, when applicable, shipping of the replacement item back to you.

What if I want to return part of or my entire order?

No problem. Our returns policy is really simple.

You have 30 days to contact us to return the item.  This is from the day you receive the item, not the day you place the order.

If the item is unopened, just pay for return shipping with tracking and we’ll refund you 100%.

If the item is opened and not defective, you pay for return shipping and there will be a 25% restocking fee.  If you feel you deserve an exception, then [contact us] and we’ll be happy to resolve the issue - we're here to take care of you.

Not reading the item description and then wanting to return an item will be subject to a restocking fee.

What are your shipping policies?

Domestic Delivery Policy

We ship 100% of our orders with tracking – we’re that good. 100% of our products are warehoused right here in the United States, which means you’ll have them in 3-5 business days. You may upgrade your shipping to 2 days for any order for $5 more. This does not include Saturday or Sundays. Orders placed before 10a CST will ship out the same day.

International Delivery Policy

International orders typically take 2-4 weeks for delivery, including Canada. We don’t know why the shipping companies take so long; we encourage you to call them and complain. We will select the shipping carrier, no exceptions. We most commonly use UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. We declare customs value for 100% of the purchase price of the item, no exceptions.

Why do you ship to some countries and not to others?

We find that some countries have very high import and duty fees, and they do not make exceptions for movies that are for personal use.  Oftentimes these countries can charge more than the price of the movie in just customs fees!  Rather than let our customers be taken advantage of with these hidden costs, we have decided it's much better for our customers to find a local retailer where they can avoid these fees and pay the lowest price possible.

What if I have additional questions?

We're here to take care of you. We're proud to say that this January we reached a milestone of over 100,000 customers - in one hundred countries and six continents. Whether you have a problem with your order or simply have a quuesion we're here to help!  Contact us and we'll be happy to help any way we can.